Manifesto (The New York City Militia) 10/19/94


THROUGHOUT HISTORY there has periodically come a time when a call to arms was necessary. That time is now (M.F.) Zurich, Paris Moscow, Berlin and now New York. We take this action now-here in this neighborhood- in the name of the integrity of art and in the admiration of a good chuckle. We stand as one on such a threshold here tonight. It is the dawning of the next revolution. Welcome.

If art were illegal and punishable by death, only those willing to risk their lives for their work would prevail. In the wake of postmodernism the gerbils have left the boardroom and entered the world of art defecating other people's shit on the way to the top. The spirit of originality or the right to dream have been quashed and replaced by the remixing and rehashing of the styles of yesterday in a failing attempt to recreate an originality that was never there to begin with. In the midst of it all, there lie We. Our role, friends, in order to create once again is to: